OK, some of you may be aware I have an Xbox 360 from my photos. I’m a bit of a fan of the machines, although I would definitely say I’m not a fanboy. I particularly love playing online (so boo to Thai internet and bad ping times! :( ) so I was excited to watch the official press conference with the first confirmed details of the new Xbox. I even set reminders on my phone so I would log on via Xbox Live.

Anyway, at 7pm last night (Bangkok time), all power to the southern region of Thailand was out. There was a lot of confusion as to the cause, but I was confident it would be fixed in time for me to still catch the release. Anyway, it came back on at 00.05 meaning I missed the very beginning, and then it went off again 30 minutes later for about 5 minutes. Well, at least I got to see most of it and I did get to see a glimpse of the new Call of Duty: Ghosts game, which promises to be awesome, but didn’t really show any gameplay (I like this Internet Meme about it) footage.

I thought the Xbox One looked a bit naff, being honest, but wouldn’t be too out of place in a home entertainment system. It reminds me of the old Philips DVD recorders you could get about 10 years ago.

The Kinect has been improved with a 1080p camera as well as more detailed modelling of the human skeleton, meaning more realistic interpretations of your movements. I believe that it will come packaged with the Xbox One as standard, so no need to buy it seperately.

The voice recognition part did seem to work really well, but I would like to know how well it would do with background noise (say at a party or with friends over) – the guy did appear to be shouting at the Xbox but that may have been because of his distance from the unit.

The controller looks like a supercharged version of the existing controller, this is no bad thing as I think the Xbox 360 controller is an amazing design.

The integration of TV is cool, if you’re in the USA. I’m not, so I would be interested to see how Xbox deals with this in different states – I tend not to like to pay for features I can’t use because of the region I live in.

That leads me on to the price, with all of this equipment packed in, how much is this thing going to cost? I’m not that mad a fan to go and buy a new console on launch date, so I”ll probably end up buying a pre-owned one a year or two down the line, but the initial cost of these machines must be going up.

A cool thing about the Xbox One is that it will be able to play games in the new 4K standard. From what we’ve heard about the PS4, it can only play video at 4K but won’t be able to play games at these resolutions.

As always, people’s opinions will differ, but I can’t wait to hear more about this machine and the PS4 over the rest of this year before the official launch!

Looking at the Xbox Live on-demand videos today, I can see it says ‘launches Holiday 2013’ – so hopefully before Christmas?

Post a comment if you have an opinion on this story guys! 😀

EDIT: I forgot to mention the pre-owned games story on this as well. Apparently, Microsoft will restrict you from using the game on another Xbox Live profile without paying them a fee, effectively killing the pre-owned games industry. If Sony don’t go down this path, they may end up being the big winners. If both Sony and Microsoft go down this path, then high street game retailers should be shaking in their boots about their long term future, as pre-owned games form a large proportion of their revenue.

  • Andy Hardy