Hi all,

Well, for those of you who are interested, my partner and I decided to relocate from Thailand back to the UK.

Why did we leave?

Many people think that we’re crazy, and maybe they’re right, but it’s a decision we didn’t take lightly and there are a few factors for doing this.

  • Career progression – both Gina and I have reached a plateau with our respective jobs, and to move forward we had to relocate to somewhere with more work availability
  • Training and education – I am hoping to start on the Cisco CCNA pathway, and to do this I will need to be located in a supported country for the exams, sadly, Thailand isn’t one of them!
  • It’s my home! Funnily enough, whilst traveling around, this never seemed like much of a factor, but as time goes on and I get more grey hairs (well, probably less being honest), being close to my family and friends is important. I also have a baby nephew who I’d like to see more of too, being an Uncle for the first time is great, especially as you can return them when you’ve had enough!
  • Nothing’s forever, so who’s to say whether we’ll try our hands at living abroad again in the future – who knows!

How does geek-life in the UK compare to Thailand?

  • Mobile internet (3G and 4G) is much better in the UK, not surprising really considering the amount of investment that the UK has put into it – data with tethering tariffs with mobile companies here on contract are very reasonable – I have now signed up to a SIM only plan giving me oodles of texts, calls and unlimited data (with a FUP data transfer limit of up to 1TB per month!) for 15GBP
  • DSL and Fibre internet in the UK should be better, especially when you consider how much eCommerce in the UK has come on (in massive leaps and bounds – with high street retailers adapting to survive or dying left, right and centre), it’s quite disappointing that the state of broadband in the UK is at an impasse, where ISPs are looking to the government for further investment, and the government are looking at the ISPs for more investment in their own networks. Hopefully a solution will come about before the next general election! Our True 20Mbit connection for 15GBP per month seems like really good value now, especially as it had no FUP at all!
  • The UK is a really innovative place – whilst looking at new job opportunities I am discovering hundreds of companies making bespoke solutions for all sorts of high end technology, for consumers and business – it’s really quite impressive, having just come from a very small island in the Gulf of Thailand

Getting an IT job in the UK

Now that I’m currently seeking employment, it’s time to get back into the minefield that is finding a job in the UK. I’ve been given many suggestions by people, but mainly the thing is to not give up! I’m looking for work around the Brighton area preferrably, but I’m not ruling out Eastbourne, Crawley, Burgess Hill or Haywards Heath – anywhere up to an hour way really, London would be a push, purely because travel there is so expensive!

These are the sites that I’ve been told to try out:

I’ve already had a good response from one of the jobs I’ve applied for, and should hear about whether I’ve been shortlisted in the next week or two (although I don’t expect much news before the New Year) – keep your fingers crossed for me guys!

The future of this website

As I’ve now moved away from Lamai (sad face), I have decided that a fresh start is in order, starting with a new domain name. I’m pleased to announce my new web address will soon be… www.allgeekto.me

I’ll be keeping this address going for the forseeable future, but this site will end up redirecting to the new one – hence why I haven’t redone the logos on the current theme I’m using for this site. I will hopefully be more active with keeping the new site up to date, so please keep on checking me out to see what’s happening!

Well, that’s all for now folks, catch up with you soon! I hope to write a guide about one of the last projects I carried out for the school, which was to create a software RAID array for the Samba file shares on the Ubuntu server, using a great bit of Linux software called ldadm.

See you soon guys! :)

P.S. I couldn’t resist bringing the file server back with me, minus the case. The components got packed in between the small amount of clothes I bothered to bring back with me, and it all made it back safely!

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Last Modified: January 14, 2014