Last year I decided to do something about the messy walls of the IT lab at my work place. You can read a blog post I made here about how I did it. The main trick is to ‘rasterise’ the images.

Basically, I measure the wall areas I’m going to cover, create an image in Photoshop to those dimensions, create the collage or image I want (mostly by copying and pasting) and then I use a piece of software called ‘Rasterbator‘ – there are online versions available – to create a ‘rasterised’ (British-English spelling) version of the image. This is produced in PDF with each page representing a ’tile’ of the main image.

Last year, the theme for the IT lab mural were about the evolution of science and technology over time, since the creation of the ‘Colossus’ computer in WWII times.¬†This time around I wanted something that would engage with the children more, the last mural was cool, but I think the parents of children liked it more than the students themselves.

Take a look at the gallery to see how this one came out.


  • Sarah Murphy

    Just think for a kid’s room or play room for this kind of wall murals. It is an ideal room for decorate one or more wall as there is usually a space that is quite bare and opposite to the shower area. Just remember to varnish over the wallpaper if it is in danger of being splashed by water. There are also wide collections of fine arts and modern oil paintings available from which you can select your piece of art to decorate your wall.

    • Andy Hardy

      Thanks for the tip – varnishing it to make it waterproof is a neat idea! :)

  • Minerva

    I think murals wallpaper in your lab look stunning. I’m dreaming about my room decoration a long time. Probably, I will choose murals wallpaper or photo mural.